October 21, 2006
Pepsi Arena
Albany, NY, United States
Attendance: 12,179 / 12,456 (98%)
Support: The Mars Volta
Performance Stats
81st in

5th in

Albany, NY
927th in

United States
57th of the Intergalactic Tour
Album Stats
1 Mother's Milk song
Nobody Weird Like Me
2 Blood Sugar Sex Magik songs
Under the Bridge · Give It Away
4 Californication songs
Scar Tissue · Parallel Universe · Right on Time · Californication
3 By the Way songs
Can't Stop · Don't Forget Me · By the Way
7 Stadium Arcadium songs
Dani California · Charlie · 21st Century · Hump de Bump · Snow ((Hey Oh)) · Wet Sand · Tell Me Baby
1 Non-Album song
Fortune Faded
Stats only reflect full song performances, not partial performances.
Line Up
AUD #1
audience audio
AT853(h) > SP-SPSB-3 > iRiver H120
recorded by davepack
AMT #1
amateur video
built-in > unknown camera
? > DVD
recorded by unknown
Missing "21st Century" and most songs cut in and/or out.