July 24, 2016
Naeba Ski Resort (Fuji Rock Festival)
Niigata, Japan
Performance Stats
24th in

3rd in

34th in

15th of the The Getaway Tour
Album Stats
2 Blood Sugar Sex Magik songs
Under the Bridge · Give It Away
4 Californication songs
Scar Tissue · Parallel Universe · Otherside · Californication
1 By the Way song
By the Way
1 Stadium Arcadium song
Dani California
1 I'm with You song
Look Around
6 The Getaway songs
Goodbye Angels · Dark Necessities · The Getaway · Go Robot · Detroit · Dreams of a Samurai
Stats only reflect full song performances, not partial performances.
Line Up
AUD #1
audience audio
unknown mic > unknown recorder
? > FLAC
recorded by Xavel
MTX #1
matrix audio
unknown mics > unknown recorders
? > FLAC
This recording is a matrix of AUD #1 + audio from three in-ear monitors which were used by the band on stage.
AMT #1
amateur video
built-in > unknown camera
? > DVD
recorded by Xavel
PRO #1a
professional video
soundboard > unknown
HDTV > MP4 [720p]
"Look Around", "The Getaway" and "Californication" were broadcasted on Japanese TV.
PRO #1b
professional video
soundboard > unknown
HDTV > MP4 [720p]
Includes "Otherside", "Look Around", "The Getaway", "Californication" and "Go Robot".