July 1, 2007
AOL Arena
Hamburg, Germany
Michael Rother joined the band for a 25-minute outro jam.
Support: Soweto Gospel Choir, Dinosaur Jr.
Performance Stats
43rd in

12th in

60th in

119th of the Intergalactic Tour
Album Stats
1 Blood Sugar Sex Magik song
Give It Away
5 Californication songs
Otherside · Parallel Universe · Get on Top · Emit Remmus · Right on Time
2 By the Way songs
Can't Stop · By the Way
7 Stadium Arcadium songs
Dani California · 21st Century · Snow ((Hey Oh)) · So Much I · She's Only 18 · Hump de Bump · C'mon Girl
Stats only reflect full song performances, not partial performances.
Line Up
AUD #1
audience audio
Sony ECM-719 > Sony MZ-RH1
recorded by a_doubt
Missing a few seconds of "Dani California" due to equipment malfunction, but it's otherwise complete.
AUD #2
audience audio
Soundman OKM II > Soundman A3 > Sony MZ-RH910
Hi-MD(M) > FLAC > MP3
recorded by Henrik
There's no lossless transfer circulating of this recording.
AMT #1
amateur video
built-in > unknown camera
MiniDV(M) > DVD
recorded by unknown
Missing "Tiny Dancer", "Emit Remmus", "So Much I, "She's Only 18" and the outro jam.