February 8, 2020
Green Acres Estate
Beverly Hills, CA, United States
Memorial event held for Andrew Burkle, who passed away January 7, 2020.
Chad Smith wasn't present as he was busy promoting his art in Florida, so Stephen Perkins joined the band on drums.
Flea and John joined Bob Forrest, Dix Denney, Norwood Fisher, Angelo Moore, Zander Schloss and Pete Weiss for Thelonious Monster's "Union Street". Flea joined Tommy Shaw, Dix Denney, Norwood Fisher, Stephen Perkins, Zander Schloss and Pete Weiss for Styx's "Renegade". John joined Jane's Addiction for "Mountain Song".
Other Acts: Fred Durst, Bob Forrest & friends, Jane’s Addiction
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1st in

1119th in

United States
Album Stats
1 Blood Sugar Sex Magik song
Give It Away
2 Cover songs
I Wanna Be Your Dog · Not Great Men
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