August 23, 2003
Slane Castle Grounds (Slane Festival)
County Meath, Ireland
Officially released as the "Live at Slane Castle" DVD, however it's missing "Soul to Squeeze" because John broke a string during the bridge of the song and "I Feel Love", which was taken out at last minute.
Other Acts: Halite, Morcheeba, Feeder, PJ Harvey, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters
Performance Stats
64th in

2nd in

County Meath
6th in

73rd of the By the Way Tour
Album Stats
3 Blood Sugar Sex Magik songs
Give It Away · Under the Bridge · The Power of Equality
7 Californication songs
Scar Tissue · Around the World · Parallel Universe · Otherside · Purple Stain · Right on Time · Californication
7 By the Way songs
By the Way · Universally Speaking · The Zephyr Song · Throw Away Your Television · Don't Forget Me · Can't Stop · Venice Queen
1 Non-Album song
Soul to Squeeze
1 Cover song
Havana Affair
Stats only reflect full song performances, not partial performances.
Line Up
AUD #1
audience audio
AT831b > Sony MZ-G755
recorded by Johnky
SBD #1
soundboard audio
unknown mic > unknown recorder
FM > ? > FLAC
It's believed both RTÉ Radio and BBC Radio 1 broadcasted about an hour of the show.
PRO #1
professional video
soundboard > unknown
"Live at Slane Castle" DVD
Officially released DVD, missing "I Feel Love" and "Soul to Squeeze".