November 23, 2003
House of Blues
Los Angeles, CA, United States
John & Chad joined Glenn Hughes for a gig at the 2003 Guitar Center Drum Off finals.
Album Stats
5 Cover songs
Burn · Sail Away · Mistreated · Lay Down, Stay Down · You Fool No One
Stats only reflect full song performances, not partial performances.
Line Up
Glenn Hughes
Chad Smith
John Frusciante
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© David
John H.:
I get to the venue, and I had not purchased a ticket, stupidly, and it seemed that every wannabe drummer and musician and whoever was lined up all the way up around the block onto Sunset Blvd. I hear the sound check, and it's Glenn and Chad and John sound checking on "You Fool No One"... sounded fantastic... if only I could get in. While waiting to get in, I spot ex Skid Row's Sebastian Bach getting out of his car, and I say to him "You sing your ass off man" and he puts his fist to mine and says "thanks"... what a cool guy, not like his mercurial reputation. Funny he was doing a show near my home town recently but I wouldn't have dreamed of trying to meet him.
So I just waited for the right moment and walked into the gig. So I get in, just ten minutes before Glenn hits the stage. "Burn" is utterly fantastic, Glenn is in great voice and Frusciante is just nailing those Blackmore parts note for note. These Chili Pepper guys grew up with this album and it shows. Glenn does the screams on the 'you know we had no time' bridges, rather than holding the end notes, but it sounds totally fantastic. The sound is awesome, the mix is perfect. "Sail Away" is next, and John just nails that guitar sound on the riff, which is using a special harmonizer pedal or whatever, the sound is exactly like Ritchie. Another treat, John is nailing the Coverdale low vocal on this song, and Glenn is playing some bass notes that sound like they are lifted off the album. What a rare treat to hear this song again live. "Mistreated" is next and the only issue is John didn't quite grasp the feel of the intro, the way Ritchie just shakes the note, it was more mechanical than soulful, it's really the only criticism I could have of John all night. Great vocals by Glenn here of course.
Next up is what I think was the highlight of the set, "Lay Down Stay Down". This was a simply awesome version, of a little played classic, Glenn was hitting the notes perfect and the band was smoking on this. It was even better than the singing on Cal Jam! A rousing "You Fool No One" ends the set. What a fantastic trio these guys made up... great chemistry... Chad Smith was just totally rocking those drums hard, nailing the Ian Paice parts with enthusiasm and vibrancy... what a great player. I'm not a Chili Peppers fan, but they are great players. Chad was just nailing it man! John just really nailed the Blackmore feel and parts for the most part. What a fantastic night!