May 30, 1997
Ogden Theatre
Denver, CO, United States
35th show of the Nuttstalk tour
Other Acts: JOI, Blowfly, The Skeletones, Super 8, Weapon of Choice, The Street Walkin' Cheetahs, Thelonious Monster, Trulio Disgracias
Album Stats
1 Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-Shirt song
My Smile Is a Rifle
1 Cover song
Pen Cap Chew
Stats only reflect full song performances, not partial performances.
Line Up
John Frusciante
Norwood Fisher
Chris Warren
Michelle Foster:
I recently went to Nuttstalk 97' in Denver, Colorado. A bunch of bands played, including John Frusciante, Thelonous Monster, Snot, Blowfly, and Weapon of Choice. John played with Thelonous Monster for a few songs, and it pretty much sucked. His guitar was to loud and did not go with the rest of the band at all. Half the bad sound was probably due to the P.A. though, because it was hard to make out the singer in all of the bands. John came out later in the show, and played five songs with a bass player and drummer. Three of them were new songs. He also played "My Smile Is a Rifle" and "Incantu" "Incantu" is a very very rare Nirvana song. My friend has a very old Nirvana bootleg with it on it. That song is not on any CD, import or regular. After the show, I got to talk to John Frusciante a little bit. He said his new album called "Smile from the Streets you Hold" is coming out in July. John Frusciante seemed very high. He was very polite though and let me ask him a few questions. The whole show was very laid back and grooving. I definitely recomend Nuttstalk to anyone who likes funk music.
Victor Foster:
It was a short and sweet set. I wish it was recorded. We got to meet John after the show, and he was really high. We asked about the new songs, and if they were going to be on his next album. He said that were going to be on the album after his next album (sarcastic bastard). It was a bizarre and amazing night. John also played with Thelonious Monster before his set. He was fucking way off during their set. His guitar kept getting unplugged or something. It was painfull to watch. His solo set was mesmorizing.