May 16, 1997
The Boathouse
Norfolk, VA, United States
23rd show of the Nuttstalk tour
Other Acts: JOI, Blowfly, The Skeletones, Super 8, Weapon of Choice, The Street Walkin' Cheetahs, Thelonious Monster, Trulio Disgracias
Line Up
John Frusciante
Norwood Fisher
Chris Warren
Jason Stevens:
I actually had about a good 20min talk with him after his set. The only song I remember him playing from his albums was "My Smile Is a Rifle". There was a good bit of jamming. Norwood was playing bass and I believe it was Arik Marshall's brother on drums. Not sure on that. I'm also sure there was a Nirvana song but can't really discern which. I remember his girlfriends name was Megan and he was telling me about rehab and trying to be clean. I thanked him for turning me on to Captain Beefheart and how when I first saw the video and heard the song "Knock Me Down". It was the premier on MTV and I just started 7th grade and been playing guitar for 2 years. About how awesome I felt hearing and seeing a guitarist with Hendrix style but with a punk attitude. And how that helped me through my teenage life, and shape my feelings on it's ok too not want to subscribe to just being a punk or metal head or what ever. He thanked me and gave me a bro hug, said it was cool to met me. When I approached him he was walking down the street with his girlfriend just after finishing his set. When I stopped him he at first had that "oh man, a fan?" look on his face but after a minute of me saying why I stopped him he rested his foot on wall behind him and introduced his girl to me. We smoked cigarettes and just chilled for a bit on the wall there. I had all these questions and wanted him to sign my copy of this and that, but looking into that dudes eyes and it hitting me that he is just a normal person, I felt asking for an autograph would just ruin that moment. Actually the conversation ended cause Bob Forrest ran up to get John. He played with Thelonious Monster that night. Which I felt was actully a better performance than John's set. But John played second in the set of acts that evening. Also, he wore navy Dickies, navy Vans, a t-shirt of curious George passed out from Esther and a cardigan sweeter ala Kurt Cobain. He came out smoking a cigarette and preceded to sing with the cigarette hitting the microphone and ashing all over his face. Not very graceful. The set was kinda of all over the place. The set with Thelonius Monster was way more on point. They did "For My Lover" and before starting the song Bob looked over to John and said "You know Tracey Chapman is from this town man? She used to play on this stage. This same stage man! Tracey Chapman!" shaking his head in disbelief. Than right into the song. John actually had a big smile on his face. It was really cool seeming him play in a 2 guitar band. And there was definitely a vibe between him and Bob, eyeing each other during the set. All in all, I was most impressed with Bob's performance that night. I talked with him a bit afterward. Super nice personable guy. Oh yeah, John played a candy apple Strat 62-65 era, JCM800 head, DS1 distortion and the Ibanez wah. Weapon of Choice opened with Arik Marshall on guitar. I got down really early in the day to see if I could maybe spot John anywhere. I meet the sax player in weapon and hung out with him for a good while. Smoked a few joints. He gave me the low down of the tour. Said they've been on tour for a few weeks and only hung with John once. He went on the bus John was sharing and that John and Norwood were watching midget porn while smoking weed. Said he stayed in the bus most of the time as far as he knew. There was 2 buses for all the acts. It's all I can reflect on for now. I know I still have my ticket stub somewhere. I bought the first ticket sold. There's a 1 printed on it. It was a cool show. I'll never forget it.