The Red Hot Chili Peppers Live Archive has been going strong for almost three years now, picking up where older and outdated live guides left off. We feature a fully interactive database which holds 35 years of live shows information that is constantly being updated and upgraded in every way possible.

As we added over 400 live audio recordings, hosting and bandwith fees started to grow. The site is run entirely by myself for other fans of the band to enjoy and we won’t ever run advertisements on the website. As such, there’s no direct income to support its costs. The goal is to reach enough to cover the costs for the next 2 years.

I've been supporting the site out of pocket with the help of some grateful donations from the beginning but now I am looking for some help to sustain the archive.

Please keep in mind that there’s absolutely no pressure to help as the site will continue regardless if we hit the goal or not. I am willing to keep supporting the site by my own as I love every single minute spent creating and developing the archive for my favorite band, but I am looking for some help to keep it going and even expanding the archive to host many more audio recordings and even possibly, video downloads.

The reason we're running the fundraiser on our own website thru PayPal donations is because I'm located in Argentina, and unfortunately sites like or similar are not available on my country.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider helping the site. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about new features for the Live Archive, do not hesitate to email me to

Thanks once again,
$ 523 of $ 900 goal
to cover the server costs for the next two years (2019-2020).
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April 24th 2019
$10 · Rob P.

April 16th 2019
$10 · Martin M.

March 02th 2019
$10 · Jeremie P.

March 01th 2019
$10 · Mizuno K.

February 28th 2019
$10 · M. F.

February 26th 2019
$10 · Jan G.

February 25th 2019
$5 · Louis A.

February 20th 2019
$5 · Germán P.

February 20th 2019
$3 · Evelio S.

January 30th 2019
$10 · Scott C.

December 11th 2018
$7 · Kellan M.

November 13th 2018
$100 · Margaret W.

November 2nd 2018
$20 · Jason H.

October 31th 2018
$100 · Alexander H.

October 30th 2018
$25 · Daniel C.

October 30th 2018
$10 · Rishaad M.

October 30th 2018
$30 · Deborah E.C.

October 12th 2018
$3 · Nikola D.

October 12th 2018
$10 · Martin M.

October 9th 2018
$20 · Amy L.

October 9th 2018
$100 · Austin K.

October 9th 2018
$15 · Jesus A.C.
Previous Donations

April 25th 2018
$10 · Juan C.S.

April 20th 2018
$10 · Martin M.

December 4th 2017
$20 · Roberto R.

October 22nd 2017
$15 · Carlos M.

August 5th 2017
$100 · Michael K.

March 27th 2017
$50 · Geoff W.

March 17th 2017
$10 · Juan C.S.

March 3rd 2017
$10 · Matt J.

May 18th 2016
$40 · Anonymous

February 19th 2016
$15 · Brian K.