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APR 24
328 Performance Hall
Nashville, TN, United States
5th show of the Nuttstalk tour
Other Acts: JOI, Blowfly, The Skeletones, Super 8, Weapon of Choice, The Street Walkin' Cheetahs, Thelonious Monster, Trulio Disgracias
John Frusciante
Norwood Fisher
Chris Warren
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Show started great with a L.A. band named the Street Walkin' Chettahs. Good, fast, loud set, lotta fun. Next came a run of the mill ska band The Skelletones, though I must now admit after hearing a ska version of "These Boots Were Made for Walking", I can now say that I have heard it all.
Next came John. Being in Nashville isn't always the best place to live if you like keeping up with west coast artists. Having liked John's playing in the RHCP and being terribly disappointed in his solo record, I knew I had to check him out in a solo setting. He came to the stage looking surprisingly good, not gaunt like the old days. He played 4 songs on acoustic guitar, it was pretty raw, he doesnt have the best voice to start with. Mostly it consisted of mumbles and screams. he got zero applause. He was then joined by Norwood and a drummer. They played 3 songs that all came to abrupt stops, then John walked off the stage without saying a word.
Next on was Keith Morris, Norwood, unknown drummer and geeky looking old guitar player, they rocked through 4 songs, got the crowd (what little there was of it) going. Then Thelonious Monster, Bob Forrest, Norwood, same unknown drummer and John. They played about 6 songs, really good! John wailed on guitar, he never looked up the entire time. Lastly, a forgetable performance by Trulio Disgarcias, way too long winded.