The Getaway
The Getaway
Times Played: 61
First Time: May 29th 2016
Last Time: Dec 14th 2017

Dark Necessities
Times Played: 152
First Time: May 22nd 2016
Last Time: Sep 29th 2018

We Turn Red
Times Played: 8
First Time: Jun 10th 2016
Last Time: Nov 17th 2016

The Longest Wave
Times Played: 12
First Time: Jun 14th 2016
Last Time: Oct 18th 2017

Goodbye Angels
Times Played: 125
First Time: Jul 10th 2016
Last Time: Sep 29th 2018

Sick Love
Times Played: 71
First Time: May 26th 2016
Last Time: Mar 23rd 2018

Go Robot
Times Played: 139
First Time: May 26th 2016
Last Time: Mar 17th 2018

Feasting on the Flowers
Times Played: 7
First Time: Sep 08th 2016
Last Time: May 19th 2017

Times Played: 23
First Time: Jun 29th 2016
Last Time: Jun 22nd 2017

This Ticonderoga
Times Played: 3
First Time: May 26th 2016
Last Time: May 16th 2017

Times Played: 6
First Time: Apr 24th 2017
Last Time: Oct 14th 2017

The Hunter
Times Played: -
First Time: -
Last Time: -

Dreams of a Samurai
Times Played: 34
First Time: Jul 24th 2016
Last Time: Sep 20th 2017

11th Studio Album
Released June 17th 2016

Producer: Danger Mouse
Mixed by: Nigel Godrich
Recorded by: Kennie Takahasi
Mastered by: Stephen Marcussen
Recorded at: Sound Factory, Los Angeles, CA
Artwork by: Kevin Peterson

Additional Musicians:
Brian Burton: Mellotron on track 3; Organ on track 8; synthesizers on tracks 1, 5, 6, 7 and 13.
Elton John: Piano on track 6.
Mauro Refosco: Percussion on tracks 6 and 7.
Anna Waronker: Additional Vocals on track 1.
Beverley Chitwood: Vocal Solo on track 13.

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