Mother's Milk
Good Time Boys
Times Played: 21
First Time: Jan 22nd 1989
Last Time: Jun 09th 1990

Higher Ground
Times Played: 294
First Time: Sep 14th 1989
Last Time: Mar 23rd 2018

Subway to Venus
Times Played: 50
First Time: Jan 22nd 1989
Last Time: Jul 18th 1992

Magic Johnson
Times Played: 65
First Time: Aug 26th 1989
Last Time: Jan 26th 1993

Nobody Weird Like Me
Times Played: 145
First Time: Jan 22nd 1989
Last Time: Jan 09th 2019

Knock Me Down
Times Played: 33
First Time: Sep 17th 1989
Last Time: Jul 21st 1990

Taste the Pain
Times Played: 4
First Time: Nov 16th 1988
Last Time: Apr 18th 1991

Stone Cold Bush
Times Played: 101
First Time: Oct 05th 1988
Last Time: Jul 26th 1997

Times Played: 103
First Time: May 30th 1983
Last Time: Oct 18th 2017

Pretty Little Ditty
Times Played: 40
First Time: Mar 16th 1989
Last Time: Mar 01st 2001

Punk Rock Classic
Times Played: 8
First Time: Nov 16th 1988
Last Time: Sep 09th 1989

Sexy Mexican Maid
Times Played: 14
First Time: Oct 27th 1989
Last Time: May 06th 1990

Johnny, Kick a Hole in the Sky
Times Played: -
First Time: -
Last Time: -

4th Studio Album
Released August 16th 1989

Producer: Michael Beinhorn
Mixed by: Dave Jerden
Engineered by: Gartha Richardson, except “Taste The Pain” engineered by: Eddie Delena
Mastered by: George Marino
Recorded at: Oceanway Studios, Hollywood, CA & Image Studios, Hollywood, CA, except “Taste The Pain” recorded at Track Record, Hollywood, CA
Artwork direction by: Henry Marquez

All songs written by Red Hot Chili Peppers, except
Tracks 8, 12 & 16 by Red Hot Chili Peppers & Peligro
Track 2 by Stevie Wonder
Track 9 by Jimi Hendrix
© 1989 Moebetoblame Music (BMI)

Additional Musicians:
Background Vocals on “Higher Ground” and “Good Time Boys” – Vicki Calhoun, Wag, Randy Ruff, Aklia Chinn, Jack Sherman, Joel Virgel Viergel, Iris Parker, Julie Ritter, Gretchen Seager, Laure Spinosa, Sir Babs, Merill Ward, Bruno Deron, Kristen Vigard
Background Vocals on “Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky” – Vicki Calhoun, Aklia Chinn and Kristen Vigard
Background Vocals on “Knock Me Down” – Vicki Calhoun
Trumpet on “Subway To Venus” – Flea and Patrick English
Tenor Sax on “Subway To Venus” – Keith Barry
Trombone on “Subway To Venus” – Lon
Trumpet on “Pretty Little Ditty” & “Taste The Pain” – Flea
Cello on “Taste The Pain” – Dave Coleman
Drums on “Taste The Pain” – Fish
Guitar on “Fire” – Hillel Slovak
Drums on “Fire” – Jack Irons

This album is dedicated to the memory of Hillel Slovak

© 1989 EMI Records