Freaky Styley
Jungle Man
Times Played: 17
First Time: Aug 17th 1985
Last Time: Feb 05th 1988

Hollywood (Africa)
Times Played: 32
First Time: Aug 17th 1985
Last Time: Jun 01st 1990

American Ghost Dance
Times Played: 11
First Time: Oct 12th 1985
Last Time: Nov 27th 1989

If You Want Me to Stay
Times Played: 1
First Time: Dec 01st 1986
Last Time: Dec 01st 1986

Times Played: 83
First Time: Mar 05th 1983
Last Time: Mar 23rd 2018

Freaky Styley
Times Played: 71
First Time: Oct ?? 1985
Last Time: Aug 31st 2012

Blackeyed Blonde
Times Played: 92
First Time: Dec 16th 1984
Last Time: Sep 15th 2000

The Brothers Cup
Times Played: -
First Time: -
Last Time: -

Times Played: 7
First Time: Nov 15th 1984
Last Time: Feb 24th 1988

Lovin' and Touchin'
Times Played: 5
First Time: Oct ?? 1985
Last Time: Nov 26th 1988

Catholic School Girls Rule
Times Played: 18
First Time: Oct ?? 1985
Last Time: May 05th 2007

Sex Rap
Times Played: 12
First Time: May 30th 1983
Last Time: May 14th 2006

Thirty Dirty Birds
Times Played: 15
First Time: Jul 18th 1983
Last Time: Nov 01st 1991

Yertle the Turtle
Times Played: 69
First Time: Jan 18th 1986
Last Time: Nov 17th 2016

2nd Studio Album
Released August 16th 1985

Producer: George Clinton
Engineer: Greg Ward
Mixed by: Greg Ward, except Track 8 mixed by: Jim Vitti; Track 7 mixed by: Jim Vitti & Greg Ward; Track 12 mixed by: the Red Hot Chili Peppers & Jim Bauerlin; and Track 14 mixed by: Bruce Nazarrian
Mastered by: Ron McMaster
Recorded at: United Sound Studios
Artwork direction by: Henry Marquez

All songs by Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Cliff Martinez & Jack Sherman, except
Track 2 by The Meters
Track 4 by Sylvester Stewart
Tracks 5, 8 by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Track 12 by Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Hillel Slovak & Jack Irons
© 1985 Moebetoblame Music (BMI)

Additional Musicians:
The Horny Horns – Horns
Fred Wesley – Trombone
Maceo Parker – Saxophone
Benny Cowan – Trumpet
Larry Fratangelo – Percussion
George Clinton, Steve Boyd, Andre Williams, Mike Payne, Pat Lewis, Joel Virgel, Robert Johnson, Shirley Hayden, Louis Kabbabie, Gary Shider – Background Singers

© 1985 EMI Records