Red Hot Chili Peppers Live Archive provides a complete guide to every single live show ever performed by the band with exact information and statistics. We launched in April 2016 and picked up where older and outdated live guides left off, aiming to create the most accurate guide as possible. We feature a fully interactive database which holds 35 years of live shows information that is constantly being updated.

You will notice that the site is sometimes missing setlists that can be found on sites such as setlist.fm. We do not trust any source based on everyone being free to manipulate the information at their wish without any backing proof at all. Setlists are only added to our site if there is any legit proof, such as a copy of the handwritten setlist, an audio/video recording, or if it comes from a reliable attending fan. That's the only way to keep the Live Archive as pure and certain as possible without any inexact information affecting our statistics.

The website was created and developed by Leandro Cabo, known as Leni on most fan communities. Huge thanks to Mark, Patrick and Hamish for their support and ReNo for his help on the early tour dates.

If you would like to get in touch with us for information submissions, corrections or any other reason, complete the following contact form or email me directly at info[at]rhcplivearchive[dot]com. Remember this is an unofficial website and we are not affiliated with the band or their management, so we can't help with any enquiries related to them.
The site is run entirely by myself for other fans of the band to enjoy and we won’t ever run advertisements on the website. As such, there’s no direct income to support its costs. If you'd like to help support the monthly costs, please take a look at our fundraiser:

Keep in mind that there’s absolutely no pressure to donate as the site will keep going no matter what.

Every single donation goes to domain and hosting expenses.

Thank you.

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